Friday, April 30, 2010

Gracie's break through

Major excitement at Grace's vet check up this week. She has deep pain sensation in one toe. This is a big deal as she has not had DPS for the last 10 weeks. She did not right her foot when the vet put it over on the knuckles (called "the toe test"), but Grace did make an attempt. Another first!!! She pulled her back foot out of the vet's hand 3 or 4 times.

For the first time, we have some traditional clinical signs of possible recovery.

Grace has had 2 treatments of discus compositum and 2 cold laser treatments. We go back in two weeks for another assessment. Although Grace is still on crate rest, she is allowed limited movements while I am changing her crate, 3 times a day. is the website of the rescue sponsoring Grace. She is on the home page. Thank you to all who have bought magnets to help fund Grace's treatments.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Our new foster, Grace

We have a new foster in the house. Grace is a 4 year old doxie, down in the back about 10 weeks now. She came into rescue about 3 weeks after going down. She had received some medications, but no crating during that time.

We have a long road ahead of us. Grace is on steroids, crate rest and receiving discus compostium injections coupled with cold laser treatments. I am very grateful to Tiny Paws Dog Rescue for stepping up to the plate and providing Grace with every chance to walk again. Thank yout to Sandra Rosano as well for donated TellingtonTouch therapy and teaching me treatments we can do at home.
She does not have deep pain and fails the toe test, but there are some interesting reflex responses which tell us that some signals are getting through :-)
Grace is a happy girl. She LOVES belly rubs and giving kisses. Whether she walks again, or rolls through life in a cart, she will make someone a wonderful companion.