Monday, October 26, 2009

Mom's fallen down on the job

Sorry folks, our mom hasn't been keeping you up to date on our exploits.

Valentin and Pogo got into the Tylenol gel caps and were very sick doggers. They are better now, but want to warn every dog to stay away from those things. We thought Pogo might be a gonner there for a while and boy, did Valentin ever throw up!!! Three days of barfies, not fun for any of us.

Stanley continues to lose weight. His belly bands are too big for him now. Mom is looking for foods to fatten him up. Shhhh, don't tell our friends over at Luv My Dachshunds this. Their mom just put them on a diet. Only Stanley is getting the good stuff, Valentin is on a d-i-e-t and the rest of us are staying stable. With the cold weather coming, mom is watching all our weight carefully.

Daisy Mae received some beautiful knit sweater/dresses. She is warm and stylin' when she goes out. We will nudge our mom to show you her picture soon.

Have a good night everyone.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stanley's new bed a rousing success

Stanley gives his new bed a four paws up rating.

He sleeps so soundly now that it takes several minutes to wake him in the morning and I havent even heard any snores coming from my little "Snorey Bear" either.

Warm and comfy, he snuggles right down on the mattress at night, gives a little doggie sigh and is off to dreamland.

We have another new day bed too for the handicapped kids to show you as well. It is made from the same material as crib mattresses. It is a nice, firm foam so that the cart kids and wheel right up to it and have a snooze while staying level. The firmness means that they won't be struggling in a regular pillow type bed and it will put less stress on their backs by staying level while snoozing.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Stanley's new bed

Yes, Stanley's new bed is a baby bassinet. With the colder weather starting to come, I felt that he should be up off the floor and away from possible draughts. Heidi sleeps in the big bed, Daisy Mae is very comfy in her scoot sac, but the old man was starting to feel the chill.
Now he will be off the floor, cocooned in his bed, with a comfy mattress and on a level with the big bed,to give him closer human contact as well. This was a great find at a kids' recycle store (it even has a music box and rocking motion). They had a white wicker bassinet which would have been a better match for my decor, but I felt that it was too deep and Stanley would be more isolated in that model. This one has mesh windows in the sides and it is on wheels to easily move it out of the way when it is not bedtime (or when I get up during the nigh) and there is a storage basket underneath for his extra blankets.
Stanley's laundry basket is still a gret bed in the summer time and a wonderful way to safely transport him in the car, but I felt that at his age, he deserves all the extra perks and comforts that I am able to provide for him. Dachshunds love to burrow in blankets, but with Stanley's handicap, it is difficult for him to manipulate the blankets. With both his basket and bassinet, I can drape a blanket over the entire bed, giving him that burrowed feeling.
My bedtime music will be listening to his gentle snores right beside me.