Saturday, July 27, 2013

Leggings for Life

I just found a new Facebook page, Leggings for Life.

Volunteers crochet or knit leggings for handicapped pets. Crafter and pet are matched for the pet's lifetime.  The premise is that once the crafter gets the fit correct, it is easiest for them to provide any addition leggings needed for the pet's life.  It is all volunteer and free.  You can donate yarn to your crafter but they do assume the yarn and postage costs when they volunteer to craft for your pet.

I was impressed that within 24 hours of registering, we were contacted by our assigned crafter (who also happens to be in Canada, which saves on customs, international postage, etc.)

Here is Miss Heidi's leg (after being bandaged for several days)  You can still see the wound on the side of her foot.  Having crocheted leggings for her will be awesome.