Monday, July 6, 2009

Wienerfest Costumes

Stanley getting a tour of Wienerfest.

Here is the Heidi Express.
Unfortunately, her caboose car was cropped from the photo. She was one of the three top winners.

Stanley made it to the top 10. His sign says "Little Dogs on the Prairie"


Twix said...

It looks like a great time...maybe I will get to go sometime. Love the costumes!
Love and hugs,

Ruby and Penny said...

Great costumes. You deserved to place and win.
We so wanted to go, but with a new doxie in the family we were leary about travelling. Next year.
Love Ruby & Penny

Maddoxies said...

Wienerfest is moved back a week next year, it will be July 3 2010.

Mark your calendar now.

We had to move the date as next year it would land on the 25th wedding anniversary of one of the main people.

Poppy said...

I love your costumes! It looks like you had a great time at Weinerfest. My back went out again, so Mommy is researching doggy wheelchairs again. What kind do you use?


Maddoxies said...

Poppy, so sorry to hear that you are having back troubles.

I will go over to your blog to answer more fully.

We have both K9 Carts and Eddies Wheels here.