Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Stanley's new bed a rousing success

Stanley gives his new bed a four paws up rating.

He sleeps so soundly now that it takes several minutes to wake him in the morning and I havent even heard any snores coming from my little "Snorey Bear" either.

Warm and comfy, he snuggles right down on the mattress at night, gives a little doggie sigh and is off to dreamland.

We have another new day bed too for the handicapped kids to show you as well. It is made from the same material as crib mattresses. It is a nice, firm foam so that the cart kids and wheel right up to it and have a snooze while staying level. The firmness means that they won't be struggling in a regular pillow type bed and it will put less stress on their backs by staying level while snoozing.

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PamK said...

So glad to hear that the pups have comfy snoozing spots - they are so lucky!