Sunday, April 29, 2012

It has been a long and tough year; finally lost my mother to congestive heart failure just over a month ago.

Today I attended at Tellington Touch beginner's seminar.  It was very informative and I will be starting work on Heidi's weaker leg to see if she can improve the strength in that leg.

Tyrone and Oskar come/gone and been adopted.  Tyrone was 14 months with us, until his colitis was diagnosed and brought under control.  Oskar was a scared little boy who learned that not all humans are mean and scary.  He now goes to work daily with his new mom.

Happy to say that while we were away from here, the blog still helped owners of newly downed dogs to find hope and help.  Popeye is walking again, Bear and Twinkle have carts and mobility through this blog.

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