Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Crazy Dog Lady

is what I am sure family and friends are saying right now. I shudder to think what the neighbours are saying. It is a good thing I am out there helping the neighbours with my snowblower. I hope they remember these days, when the snow is gone and the dogs are barking.

I have made the offer to keep these two doxies while their daddy is away. I don't know this person, he is a total stranger. He is a civilian going over to Afghanistan in a support position. He is scheduled to leave Feb. 15. My friend who is being deployed at the end of March has a guardian for her golden.

I had also offered to help out another stranger who need somewhere for her cat to stay for 4-8 weeks while she transitions her life. I offered to help, if no one else came forward. Yup, you got it. No one else came forward. Pussy cat arrives next weekend. This could get interesting.

I have made one condition to my offer of help to these two doxies; they must be spayed and neutered (they are currently both intact). This is the only way I can even consider taking them in. Otherwise, it is a recipe for a dog fight.

It is all in the timing. Our rescue has also been contacted about taking in 8 dachshunds. A breeder has developed a nasty, quick acting, terminal cancer and she is trying to provide for her furkids while she still can. There is no way I can handle 7, even I recognize that.

So, we shall see how the paw count develops at our house over the next couple of weeks: our current 5 dogs and 1 cat, or 6 dachshunds and 1 cat, or the current crowd, plus one of the breeders doxies and a cat???!!!


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Hello Crazy Dog Lady,

You are a good person and we are sure the young man will be forever grateful. It will be a strain on your nerves but mark your calendar for the day he returns so you can see it on a regular basis. It might help to be reminded of the temporary status. And once he gets back, his reaction to his pups will be thanks enough.

We will have Mom pray for your sanity. She understands the need since she is taking care of us and our two dachsie cousins -- yes, that is five.

You probably have plenty of support nearby but you can use our email to reach Mom if you ever need to reach out to someone else.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

MJ's doghouse said...

Hey...its us again...can you ask this gentleman for me, if he has talked to the people at the mfrc....about the pups. (Military Family Resource Center)...they may have something or know someone there that may be able to help you know if there is a daschie rescue closer to us...we have been looking in papers and stuff...but we only see puppies..we are looking for an older dog to be company for my dog...she is MJ...