Wednesday, January 21, 2009

You can't save them all, you can't save them all, you can't save them all .....

but why not???

Ok, I am just frustrated and venting right now. Our rescue has received a call from a man who is most likely going to surrender a bonded pair of 3 yr old dachshunds. Perfectly happy, healthy, well loved pets. Why??? Because he is about to be deployed to Afghanistan and has no one to care for them while he is gone. The US has a foster program where civilian families volunteer to foster deploying soldiers' pets for the duration of their tour. Why isn't there anything like that in Canada? We have a rich history of peace keeping, but we don't look after our troops' family members who have fur (or feathers, or scales)?

I have a friend who is about to deploy to Afghanistan also. She is blessed to have friends who will care for her golden while she is gone. Her golden knows these people and is quite happy to spend time with them. He has been having sleep overs with them in preparation for her departure. I hear about so many of her colleagues who are not as blessed. Many can't find rescues with space and their beloved pets go to pounds and a very uncertain future. These men and women are sacrificing and risking a lot to help others, why can't we offer a little help to them?

This is a bonded pair, they can't be separated. Adoptions are slower in these economic times, let alone trying to place a pair. And my heart aches for this man who has to give up his beloved furkids.

Another of our foster homes could take Angel, which would leave me with my 3 and my handicapped foster.

6 is too many, 6 is too many, 6 is too many's only 6 months ............. 6 is too many ........ hmmmmmm ????????????


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

It's only 6 months .. and a serviceman would be forever grateful. Think of it as a patriotic duty.

Maddoxies said...

I would love to keep them for his deployment. I am sure it would help him to focus in Afghanistan knowing that they were here waiting for him to come home.

I have to consider the health and safety of my guys as well as his. Six dogs, one human and a house size of less than 900 square feet. There will inevitably be scirmishes. Can I handle them alone when that happens? What if one of his gets hurt? Or one of mine?

Additionally there is Heidi's and the foster's handicaps. Doxies have a pack mentality, and these two are the "weak links" in the pack. It has been known for healthy doxies in a group situation to attack and even kill the injured or downed ones to keep the pack strong.

I also have to consider the legal situation. I am allowed 3 dogs of my own and a certain number of fosters under a recognized rescue organization. These two would not be under the rescue umbrella as the serviceman would still be the owner. If a neighbour complained, I am concerned that it would come down to the judgement of the AC officer who responded (remember, here AC arbitrarily determines what is a pit bull, who are legistlated here). That I can check out with the municpality, but it is still a consideration and puts me on their radar.

I am frustrated that there isn't a comparable Canadian foster network for our service people's pets. Facing what they do, they deserve a touch of a normal life, including having a pet and to not have to surrender them to rescue or the pound when they are deployed.

I am praying that someone who is not a regular rescue foster home will open their hearts and homes to these two. That would be the ideal solution. If I take these two, then I cannot foster for rescue. 7 is DEFINATELY too many (besides dealing with whatever issues the foster might have).

I also could not respond to any EARS deployments myself. There is no way I can afford to board 6 dogs. I fully expect more mill seizures to happen as well.

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

I see your point and you dilemma. I wish I could help you out but I am so far away. And, of course, you don't want to put any of your furkids in harm's way. I will continue to pray that a solution will be found for all considered.

BTW, please add to your list. You added the old blog because I must not have changed over when I left the original comment. Dachsies Rule Too is the old blog with only the redirect message. I would love to have you come visit again and get to know the furkids in my house.

Mary (Dachsie Mom)

Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Oh no! We were trying to think of our special friends to give an award to and we forgot to list you. Please forgive us. As soon as we have a chance, we are going to add your blog. Please come over and get the award.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Ruby said...

I hope you can find a way to help. I don't know where you live, but I'm in Thunder Bay, On if you need help.

MJ's doghouse said...

hey guys where does your friend live...i wish you were close to vancouver island....i am sorry about your friend but I am sure someone would love to take them....