Thursday, February 5, 2009

TV appearance

Heidi was not with me this time (she was on in June of last year), but one of my fellow rescue directors and I were on a cable animal show this week.

We were there to talk about my experience at the mill seizure in December. UAN very graciously provided me with photographs that had not been released to other media. It is very rare for the UAN to allow a volunteer to speak to the media.

I think it went fairly well (besides the usual vanity stuff - looking pale and fat on camera). There is never enough time on Animal House Calls to pack in all the info, but we hit the important highlights. One important fact, that the cute puppy in the pet store window comes from such filth and misery. Another important point that, although you may want to "rescue" that puppy in front of you, doing so only perpetuates the cycle. It will be replaced tomorrow by another puppy from the same filth and misery. The consumer has the power to stop the cycle. It is the simple balance of supply and demand. Cut the demand and you reduce the supply. Sadly, yes, some pups will die if they are not bought, but thousands more will suffer to continue the supply, if the demand does NOT stop.

It was good for Helping Homeless Pets and for EARS to have this moment in the public eye. We were no more off the set when some of the TV station staff were giving us donations for our special fund towards the veterinarian care of the mill survivors being fostered by our member rescues. We took a lovely little Pomeranian mill survivor with us for the show. Already, we have interest from potential adopters for her and the others.

Our sincere thanks to Ann Rohmer and Animal House Calls for their time and support.

(For those who are newer to my blog, if you go back to "Multi-task blogging" in December 08, you will find the links to my deployment with EARS to the mill seizure in Quebec.)

The Canadian SPCA estimates there are 2,200 puppy mills in the province of Quebec alone. Well, now there are 2,197 and counting down. Way To Go


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

Good job getting the message out! Mom won't even go into pet stores that carry live animals because she knows they come from puppy mills. Her heart breaks for those puppies but she knows, too, that the cycle must stop. There are so many good dogs (and cats) in rescue waiting for a forever home. If someone really wants an animal, there are very good ones there.

Roxie, Sammy & Andy

Three Dogs Long said...

Excellent work! We are so proud of you!

(((hugs)) Oskar, Schatzi & Xena