Monday, November 19, 2012

Jackie's first treatment

Jackie saw Dr. Pat tonight and had her first acupuncture treatment.  She was a very good girl and sat still throughout the treatment, even when we put the electric stimulation on the acupuncture needles.  The electric current stimulates deep inside the nerves and muscles, giving her the most benefit from the treatment.

We have confirmed her injuries are at T11 and T12.  This is the same place where Pogo was injured earlier this year (below the shoulder blades, just before the middle of the back).

Jackie is on crate rest with physiotherapy exercises at home to keep her legs from stiffening and to help retain muscle strength.

Dr. Pat said that Jackie's neuro responses are the most I have given her to work with, of the three dachshunds she has treated for me.  This is encouraging news as the two girls who had less feelings/responses are both walking in one form or another.  (Heidi can walk on carpeting and Grace is just starting to spinal walk.)

Dr. Pat will check on Jackie in a week and we have another treatment tentatively planned in two weeks.

Jackie's crate has been fitted with a memory foam bed, she has soft blankies and a nice big bone to chew on.  She is in the kitchen, so she has 4 other dachshunds for company.  We are trying to make the next 6 weeks of crate rest as comfortable as possible for her.  She is a good little girl and deserves every bit of comfort and pampering we can give her.  (And we have told Santa where to find Jackie this Christmas as well)

It has been a big first day for Jackie in her new foster home, so time for bed

Night everyone

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