Friday, November 16, 2012

Jackie's story

Sometime around Oct. 1, Jackie peed on the carpet of her home, so her owner hit her with a golf club.  A neighbour felt sorry for her, so she took Jackie into her home, but was overwhelmed with Jackie's injuries and needs. 

The awesome owners of K911 Animal Transport were at the vet's office on other business, when they saw a lady sitting in the waiting room with a dachshund on her lap.  They realized the dog was injured and that she was most likely there to be euthanized.  Because they had met Heidi and Grace only one week beforehand, they knew there were other options, and so they talked to the lady, got Jackie's story and got Jackie.

K911 did all they could for Jackie, including providing her with a cart.  She lived with one of the business owners, but theirs is a demanding business.  They can be out in the ambulance for 12 or more hours at a time. Although they took Jackie with them, this was not the ideal situation for Jackie.  As much as it broke Rodney's heart, he called me to ask if I could take Jackie.  He knew this was better for Jackie, as much as it hurt him to let her go.

Jackie arrives here in a couple of days and we already have an appointment booked for Monday with the vet who does acupuncture and cold laser.  Jackie's injuries are T3-5 with at least one disc bulging.  "According to the textbook, there are no signs for recovery" said the initial vet with a little smile and a wink - you see, she knows about Heidi and Grace.  Neither were ever supposed to walk again, but neither of them can read the textbook either.

So stay tuned for more news of Jackie when she arrives and her continuing journey with us, as we work towards as much healing as possible and finding a forever home for this little one.