Monday, March 11, 2013

Jackie Update

I know, I need to get some photos up here, but I wanted to let everyone know that Jackie is doing very well.  She has surpassed the vet`s expectations !! Jackie stands to eat her meals and was taking a couple of steps yesterday.  This was on the tile kitchen floor, she does even better with some traction.  She does not have the muscle strength (yet) to pull her legs back into position when her feet start to slide on the smooth flooring.

She is an awesome, happy, loving little girl and I so hope she fines her own family to love and to love her.  Jackie will need another dog in the family for companionship, otherwise, she is a great little girl.  If people could look past her mobility limitations, she (and Grace) would have been long since adopted.

I had to turn down taking in another injured little one.  I know that I cannot handle 4 dachshund in diapers, Arthur, the rest of the crew and life.  I still feel guilty saying "no".  My head knows it was the right response, my heart is still struggling.

Pictures soon, I promise ....

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