Monday, March 18, 2013

Out of the mouths of babes,

I did a home visit yesterday for rescue.  The family was thinking of adopting one of our younger and smaller dachshunds, so I took Arthur with me.  Arthur was a fair representation of size and energy level.

As Arthur was exploring his new environment, I would give the ususal "careful" if he was headed towards a wall or other danger.  The little 4 yr old boy asked me why I said "careful", and I explained it was because Arthur could not see.  (being a long hair, a lot of people don`t immediately realize Arthur`s eyes are missing).

The little boy gave his parents and I a collective look which clearly said "grownup can be so dense sometimes" and said "I`ll turn on the light so he can see" (and did so).  Oh to be so innocent again.

We had a great visit, the little boy showed me pictures of his dog who "is in doggie heaven now".  Normally, we don`t adopt small dogs to families with very young children, but this boy is very dog savvy, did great with both Arthur and Pogo.  I have met 12 yr olds who were not half as good with small dogs as this little boy (and his dog in heaven was a lab, so he is not even used to small dogs).

So, the next time Arthur is about to bump into something, I now have the answer, turn on the light !

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