Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Arthur the Film Star

Arthur has been very busy.  He is currently taping a TV show, a documentary, a public service announcement and a university project documentary.  He also has finished taping another TV show and we are waiting for that show (which was taped in February of this year) to come to air.

This is Scarlett and Isaiah (on the Treehouse Network) used Arthur in an episode where Scarlett learns how to train puppies.  Arthur was 10 months old when this was taped.  He is the puppy learning to sit.  Once his episode has aired, it will be available on the internet for those who don`t get the Canadian Treehouse channel.  I have not been told when the episode will air, so I check the programming each Saturday night.

The TV show (Dog Park Tails) will be shown on The PetNetwork in Canada and then on internationally in 2014.  The Talent Hounds documentary and public service announcement (about pet adoption) will start out on The PetNetwork as well.  Interviews were done with Heidi and Arthur for the documentary.  We did 3 PSAs (public service announcements), the third being with Cognac and Pogo together.

York University film/TV students have done an interview with me regarding puppy mills and taped Arthur, Heidi (in her cart), Pogo, Cognac and new foster Walter at a local dog park.  Their project will be completed in April 2014.  We will let you know what mark we get from the professor and if we can have a copy of the final editing (at least of our portion).  In the meantime, I may be getting a few still pictures from the dog park portion of the documentary.

I think Arthur is going to need his actor`s union card soon (except the only pay so far has been dog treats). 

Not bad for an unwanted, "handicapped" dog the breeder wanted to kill.

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