Thursday, November 14, 2013

Arthur`s Navigation System

Arthur is now 18 months old, he has been with me since 10 weeks of age and he still can surprise me with his skills.

We were at a friend`s house for the weekend.  Arthur knows the house, but had not been there in about 2-3 months.  They had a wind storm which took out the railing from their deck.

It is a significant drop to the yard below

I panicked when I realized that Arthur had gone out onto the deck with the rest of the pack; but I should have known better.  Arthur knew exactly where he was in "Uncle Robert`s" house.

He came out the patio doors, straight over to the inside railing, turned left and marched right down the ramp.  He never knew there was a new abyss was only a few feet away.

Arthur went up and down this ramp all weekend, with the other 11 dachshunds, flawlessly.  He had no idea anything was different that his other visits.

As we all have said, Arthur is blind, but he is not handicapped.

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