Monday, December 22, 2008

White Christmas

2008 will be a White Christmas for all of Canada. The last time this happened was 1971.
We certainly have more than our fair share of snow. We have received half the season's average snow fall within the past week. I am so glad that I bought a snow blower. It was not cheap, but well worth the investment. Even with the machine, my knees and hips are aching for this weekend's workout. Without the machine, I would be lying in a snowbank, probably dead from a heart attack.
Our doggie run has about 3 feet of snow, so obviously the boys are not getting their exercise out there. Instead, Pogo is finding all sorts of mischief to get into while I am at work. (He has now learned how to unzip my backpack.) I was going to send them to the basement during the work day, where they would have lots of room to run and play, but with -20 C temperatures today, I felt it was too chilly to leave them there. Valentin and his long hair would be quite happy, but Pogo, with his thin fur and dachshund pattern baldness, would feel it. Even in the kitchen, Pogo wraps himself up like a mummy in his blankie on the heated dog bed.

Heidi's intro will be coming shortly, just wanted you to know that we have not been buried (yet) in the snow.

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Three Dogs Long said...

We're getting the storm from the U.S. It went off the coast - reformulated - and came back at us - we are getting the back end of it - so winds are producing white out conditions.
Thank dawg work was called off! - it's been a huge challenge to get the wienerkins out for potty breaks!
They are terrified of the winds! We wrap them up with Polar Elites & scarves & find a "crumbhole" out of the wind!

Gotta love winter in Canada!

(((Hugs))) to everyone in your house, stay safe & warm!