Sunday, June 3, 2012

Every dachshund owner's worst nightmare

Every dachshund owner's worst nightmare came true for me last Sunday.  I came home from an all day Pet First Aid course, to find Pogo lying paralized on the kitchen floor.  I gently wrapped him in a blanket, into a crate in the car and off to the Veterinary Emergency Clinic we raced.

I have had experience with 4 downed dachshunds, but they all came to me already injured and past treatment.  I could not do any more damange to them by trying different therapies, etc.  This is my first "ground zeor" experience, with a walking dog who suddenly became injured.  Here is Pogo's "zipper".  He is now on 6 weeks crate rest.

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Kate Sietzema said...

This is my worst fears for my two boys. One has a bulging disc already and now I keep a super keen eye on them like a hawk to make sure it does not get anyworse. Lots of physio therapy.