Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Happy Dance!!

Pogo's stitches came out yesterday.  Dr. Kilburn is very pleased with Pogo's progress.  Normally, Pogo would go back for a check up in 6 weeks, but because of the distance (and my experience), Pogo does not go back for a check up for 12 weeks !!! 

Pogo's pain meds finished on Saturday.  He was a bit whiny Sunday night, so I gave him a bit of Metacam.  He is been fine for pain, but I notice him voluntarily going into his crate more.  Pogo is still on 2 more weeks of crate rest.  His crate door is open, when I am home and he has access to his pee pad (additional confined space, not quite as big as his crate).  The surgeon ok'd this, but Pogo seems to like his crate now (memory foam and a chewie, who wouldn't prefer the crate!)  I am sure this lull will soon be over and Mr. Pogo will be trying to live up to his name again.

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