Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Ups and Downs

Wienerfest was this past weekend.  Pogo did well travelling, hanging out with his doxie buddies and not over-doing his back.  We got to see former fosters (now adopted) and renew annual doxie friendships.  The day went by in a blur, the camera never made it out of the camera bag.

Part of not taking pictures, unfortunately, had to do with the "down" of this post.  Heidi was not well on the weekend and scared both her Mama and Uncle Robert.  She stopped eating and drinking around Thursday.  By Friday night, at the event, she was listless and severely dehydrated.  We syringed fluids down her throat overnight and blessedly, this year we had a vet on the picnic site.  Dr. Yellan gave Heidi sub-q fluids on the spot.  Home Monday morning to our own vet, we determined that Heidi was basically suffering from age and her paralysis.

She has an infection, her anal glands needed attention and an enema (sorry, sweetie, no secrets here).  Her bloodwork came back all normal (the vet was impressed considering Heidi is likely 14 or 15 yrs old).  Because Heidi has two fistuals as a result of her February dental, we believe she has little or no sense of smell, which can affect appetite.

Because she is incontinent and a wobble walker (at best) Heidi will be more prone to urninary tract infections, less movement/stimulation for her bowels and mild dehydration will not be consdered mild for her because of her age.

A little tweeking for the special needs girl:  I am warming her canned dog food to accentuate the smell for her (to stimulate appette) adding lots of water to the canned food (which is supplementing her kibble) and I have removed the doggie steps from the sofa.  Heidi will now hang out on the dog bed on the floor during the day.  The hope is that she will move around more and potentially drink more water as it will be on the floor beside her and she won't have to go up and down the doggie steps from her favourite sofa.

It just goes to show you that downed needs may be a little different, but you don't need to be a vet tech to care for a happy and healthy IVDD dachshund (or one that is getting up in age)

The backyard should be fenced in the next day or two, so Heidi will be able to motor about outside in her cart, so stay tuned for photos.

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