Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Heidi and Mr. Sunbeam

Heidi's original Deano made the trip with her from her foster home in South Carolina to Heidi's home with us in Canada. Heidi was so sad when one of our fosters "killed" Deano. Through some happy coincidences, a wonderful lady named Irma, send Heidi a lifetime supply of Deanos all the way from Arizona. My girl was so happy when I gave her Deano II. She carried him around with her for days, so he would not get out of her sight again.

Heidi with Mr. Sunbeam and Deano Dino - her two most favourite things in the world.

My sunbaby and her best friend; a very happy little girl



PamK said...

Oh Margaret, those pictures of Heidi with Deano are adorable!!

Maddoxies said...

I am not sure why she has "bonded" with her Deano; maybe because it is associated with being rescued, warm and fed, but Deano is her BFF (Best Friend Forever). I am so glad that Irma sent us a half a dozen Deanos (now finding them since the move is a different story) 99 cents at Kmart in the US, priceless to my little girl.

Poppy said...

I used to follow the sunbeams too, but in our new house we have no sun because there are too many trees!