Friday, March 13, 2009

House seems empty with only 4 dogs (and a cat)

Angel is at the vet for her spay and the house seems empty without her. She will be back tomorrow, then we lose another 4 paws on Sunday as the cat I have been housesitting is returning home.

She has been in my basement for about 6 weeks, and up until this past Wednesday growled at me or ignored me. Wednesday, as I was filling her food bowl and cleaning her box, I was startled when she wrapped herself around my ankles. FINALLY, 4 days before you leave, you decide you like me. Now we have meowing downstairs, calling for me to come and pet her, and my guys (mostly Valentin) responding from upstairs.

Yes, Angel's absence is still felt in the middle of all that cross-species cussing. It is actually amusing. I have no idea what is going on in Valentin's little mind, but when he hears the cat meowing, he runs to my bedroom and barks down the heat register. Silly boy passes two big air returns on his way to my bedroom, to bark down the smaller opening. Oh well, it must make sense to him. I can only imagine the activity, when after kitty leaves, the boys get back downstairs. I must have the camcorder charged up for that!!

Angel left a chewie behind in her dog bed. Pogo has been doing everything in his power to reach through the exercise pen and get that chewie - little brat. That elusive chewie remains about 4 cms outside his reach.

We have our first adoption application for Angel as well, so our paw count may be diminishing even more in the near future.

Everytime I say "when this foster leaves, I am going to take a small break", there is always a furkid in dire need. I am hoping that once Angel is adopted, we can have a couple of weeks before the next foster, just so my kids can have some "family time".

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