Monday, March 30, 2009

Special needs doxie senior in Florida

My family would disown me if I ditched Easter weekend to do a run to Florida for this boy (Florida is 26 hours one way, no stops.); but we could be at the shelter doors when they open on Saturday morming and be home in time for Sunday dinner.

Road Trip anyone???

Old, deaf and blind in a US shelter; this boy needs a miracle if he is going to survive. I don't plan to post dogs in need here, but this boy has just captured my heartstrings. He needs a loving retirement home, where he can snooze in the sun and get two square meals a day. Canada in winter, after living in Florida, may be a bit of an adaptation for him, but we have a nice heated dog bed at our house. We don't have any steps in our house, so his blindness would be easily accomodated.

Tommy is a approx 15 year old guy who is deaf and blind. He was picked up as a stray walking around. He is old and tired. We have him in a cage with a nice thick warm blanket. Would love to get him out if at all possible..Here is a link to his info: 13353095

Anyone looking for low maintenance, unconditional love ?????


PamK said...

Roz (Hopeful Hearts) is really keen to get this guy here to Ottawa. Don't know if it will be possible, but she's willing to give him a palliative care home if he can get here. A many-legged transport would be very hard on him - it would be great if he could get to the US border by the volunteer pilots group...

Maddoxies said...

GOOD NEWS!!! I heard from the shelter that Tommy was pulled by a rescue :-)