Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Oooops !!!

Heidi has some mobility and can get around in the house without her cart. Yesterday was not my most brilliant day. I got to work only to realize that I had left my cell phone and debit card at home. I did not need gas or any other shopping, so not having my debit card was not critical; dumb but not critical.

I always use the side door to come and go at home. There is a french door at the top of the side stairs, so I know the dogs are secure and can't dash out the open exterior door. I came in the exterior side door, took off my coat and looked up through the glass door to see Miss Heidi looking back at me from the living room!!!

Ooops!!! The dogs are restricted from the living room during the day as someone (aka Valentin) likes to pee in the dining room. Miss Heidi must have taken herself into the living room and used the doggie steps to snuggle up on the sofa while I was wasn't looking. I never saw the little monkey when I turned on the radio in the living room and put up the gate.

She was so proud of herself, she got to sun herself in the afternoon sunshine and didn't have to share with the others. When I came to the gate at the living room door, she hopped over and showed me how she could roll on the carpet in the sunshine. "Look mom!! It's my best friend, Mr. Sunbeam!" Heidi is my sunbaby. She tracks the sunbeams across the living room floor on the weekends; moving a minute or so ahead of the sunbeam's track, so she gets the maximum rays.

She was none the worse for her experience, but I was concerned that she did not have access to water during the day. At least it is early spring and not too warm. Heidi is not a huge drinker and has a tendency to be slightly dehydrated.

I have learned at bedtime to check under the blankie on the sofa, as Pogo will be snoring away and miss the bedtime call. Now I have to watch for the morning "sunshine sneak" by Miss Heidi.

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Three Dogs Long said...

LOL! I'm chuckling at that lil' stinker - tsk-tsk for worrying your Momma, Heidi!

(((hugs))) Your Friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena