Thursday, June 11, 2009

Full Moon????

Anyone want to adopt two dachshunds??? (ok, just kidding, well mostly)

I have no idea what has gotten into Pogo and Valentin these days. AGAIN !!! Bad dogs. I had to work at my part time job last night. I came home from the office, fed everyone, changed the handicapped kids diapers, etc and went to my part time, retail job.

When I got home last night there was an empty dog food bag in the middle of the kitchen floor, along with a HUGE pile of poop and two dogs (Pogo and Valentin) complaining that their "fur was too tight" :-) (They had also gotten the girls' bag of food out of the cupboard, but it was untouched. Either it did not appeal as much to them, or they were too stuffed with the Pacifica to care).

They had moved Stanley's exercise pen away from the base cabinets, opened the kitchen base cupboard door and pigged out on the rest of the bag of Acana Pacifica dog food (big time fish smell). Again, Stanley was sitting there like wise, old Yoda with that look on his face "I told you that you would get in trouble". Given the mess in Heidi's diaper this morning, I would say that she participated in the snack fest too.

So, the basement for the two "bad boys" and child safety locks for the dog food cupboard. Dog knows what those two will get up to in the basement. Rather than let them have the run of the entire unfinished basement (it is insulted, warm and dry), they may be put in a double exercise pen - for their own safety's sake.



PamK said...

Wow - never a dull moment with Laurel and Hardy on the case!

Maddoxies said...

"Laurel and Hardy" good one, Pam.

If you remember the kids' program, Bananas in Pajamas, I call V and P "Banana 1 and Banana 2".

I remember seeing a cute poster at the vet office of a dog saying "Hello, my name is No No Bad Dog, what's yours?"

Maddoxies said...

I figured out how the got the cupboard open.

Until yesterday, Stanley was in a 2 foot high expen. That has gone back to the rescue and I am using my own 3 foot pen.

The 2 foot pen rested up against the cupboards. The 3 foot pen is too tall to tuck under the lip of the counter top. The top of the pen rests against the countertop, leaving a space at the bottom where a doggie nose and paws fit very nicely to push the pen aside.

It is cheaper to use my own pens and put them downstairs than it is to go buy a 2 foot pen at $85.

Twix said...

Never a dull moment at your house. I would never do that with kibble but put some real food in front of me and I would eat til I exploded. ~Twix