Friday, June 12, 2009

Stanley's first TV appearance

There is a fairly popular, animal, cable show here called Animal House Calls. I appear on it, from time to time, to talk about rescue events, my experiences as an emergency animal responder (puppy mill seizures, natural disasters), etc.

This coming Tuesday, June 16 I will be on to talk about Wienerfest. Stanley will be coming with me :-) It will be on Rogers Channel 24. The show starts at 5:15, we will be on sometime after 5:30. The first two guests are always the local shelter and the "ask a vet" segment. Heidi went with me last year, so this year is Stanley's turn.

Wienerfest is Canada's largest dachshund picnic. We had almost 1,000 dachshunds and 4,000 of their humans attend last year. Wienerfest and Rehab for Rescue are sponsoring Stanley's new cart too. He will receive it at the picnic June 27th.

I know the show's host, Ann Rohmar, is going to fall in love with Stanley, but he is such a low key boy that I am sure his "celebrity" status won't go to his head.

Hmmmmm, which belly band to wear???? The leopard one??? It's an animal show, I guess animal print would not be politically correct. The yellow one with the dancing cows???? Too frivolous. The blue one with the kittens on it??? No, cross-breed dressing, not a political can of worms we want to open (lol). I think we will go for the plain white belly band. Functional, understated, it is past May 24, so ok to wear white now - one must be fashionably "correct" :-).


Three Dogs Long said...

Oh, that is awesome! Godo luck - anyway you can post a clip here?

((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Maddoxies said...

I will be recording it on my computer, but since the timing is so "fluid", I will have to record the entire 30 minutes. I haven't figured out how to extract the little bit that we will be on.