Monday, June 1, 2009

Little Dogs on the Prairie

My sister, who is a grama, informs me that "Little Dogs on the Prairie" is a children's Christian animated show.

I was thinking of how to transport Stanley and co. this summer and found this

For costume contests, I was going to hang a sign "Prairie Dogs" on the side of the wagon. My sister suggested "Little Dogs on the Prairie". I wanted to know if this was a widely recognized title, or if people would just scratch their heads (or if it was still a cute title, even if they didn't know about the children's series).

For general transport, my plan is to put Heidi in the doggie stroller and Stanley & Daisy Mae in the wagon. I can push the stroller with one hand and pull the wagon with the other. The stroller hand can also control the two leashes (man, what a production with this crowd!!).

FYI, I will be using my wooden, 50 year old, vintage Radio Flyer wagon. I splurged and bought a twin bed size piece of memory foam. With it, I can make a pad for the wagon, one for Stanley's day pen, one for the stroller and one for Stanley's bed/laundry basket. Memory foam cannot get wet, so all will be wrapped and sealed in construction garbage bags (cheaper than buying vinyl).

I can get some small hooks and hang the three wheelchairs from the back of the wagon for transport.

I am not happy about the price (in US dollars) of the canopy, but I can't find suitable materials to make the supports if I try to make one myself. Any ideas???


Three Dogs Long said...

Oh my dawg! What an adorable idea - I just pee when I try to picture you finagling your herd!!

What about a bendable curtain rod? Would that work?

(((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Maddoxies said...

My Radio Flyer is only 30 inches long. If this works out, then I will look for a used, extended one (Town and Country) on Kiiji, or Craig's List, so I can put 2 or maybe 3 in the wagon (with dividers).

I will have the 3 special needs kids at Wienerfest, so you can help change diapers, lol. You should be able to see the wagon in action then (assuming enough space in the van to bring it with us)

The Humane Society was suitably impressed when I adopted Stanley. I came prepared. He went in the doggie stroller and Heidi went in the Outward Hound sling. (I will have to get the next weight class of sling for Stanley.)

PamK said...

Margaret, what about using some flexible vinyl tubing for the supports. I had tried to make a snuggle bed once, and used plastic tubing for water in it. You could buy canvas and have a casing sewn at each end for the tubing, and make the empty ends into ties that you could tie to the wagon somehow. Just a thought....

mattinx said...

Great idea - how about using fibreglass tubing (like the stuff used for kite spars or lightweight tents) - it must be possible to get that stuff somewhere.

Maddoxies said...

I bought a wagon last night that is complete with the commerical canopy. It was on Craig's list for $35!! Great deal.

I will post a picture of our "find". The wagon body is plastic, it has the ballon type tires for a better ride than my ancient wagon and the canopy is water resistant. I will use the existing canopy as a template to make our canvas, covered-wagon canopy.

Maddoxies said...

Oh yeah, this wagon is much bigger than mine. It is wider and longer, so there is lots of room for Stanley and Daisy Mae. In a pinch, Heidi would fit in there too. With the 3 handicapped kids in the wagon and "the boys" in the stroller, I can transport/evacuate all 5 dogs by myself. With my carry sling, a foster could be accommodated as well :-)