Monday, June 8, 2009

Stanley's first rescue event

Stanley went to his first rescue event on Saturday. He had a BLAST !!! I was concerned about him feeling overwhelmed with people and was prepared to keep his wagon at the back of the booth where he would be with us, but not in the limelight. He loved all the attention and was so patient with the children.

We had a rescue booth at a local neighbourhood street festival. Stanley was there in his covered wagon. He may have diminished sight with his cataracts, but he followed the movement of the people with his head (always tracking where I was with Heidi) and he soaked up all the attention and pats from passersby. The dear boy was so busy being a Rescue Ambassador that he missed his morning nap and did not take his afternoon nap until almost 3pm.

Stanley sat in his covered wagon, which worked out perfectly for him. He was comfy and safe, yet his head is higher than the sides of the wagon when he sits up. If anything, he was a bit cool with the shade of the canopy, so I just covered him with one of his baby blankies and he was quite comfortable. (He will be measured for his own hand knit sweater at Wienerfest later this month.)

As usual, I took my camera with me, but was so busy at the booth that I did not get a picture. Another volunteer did get some shots of the booth, so I will post them as soon as she sends them to me. We have two more events this month and I PROMISE to take pictures.

We raised $165 for the rescue and by the time we packed up and got home, there was an adoption application for one of our dogs waiting for us. It is from someone who saw Stanley and Heidi at the booth and have applied to adopt one of the other dachshunds in our rescue.

My little snorey bear had a good night's sleep Saturday night after all his hard work. (When my niece was a child, she received a teddy bear that snored when you laid him down. The toy was called "Snorey Bear", which has become Stanley's nickname because of his ever so gentle snoring.) Heidi, too, was out like a light after her day of charming people and demonstrating her wheelchair. (Mom was pretty wiped out too, old age isn't sneaking up on me, it is galloping towards me.)

Oh yeah, as an added bonus, this was all arranged by Angel's adopted mom (see December Multi task post and January Dachshund Wannabe post for Angel's story). Angel, now called Bella, was there too. She is still a bit nervous around so many people, but she has come so far in such a short time. It was so good to see her meeting people with growning confidence, jut 6 months after we pulled her out of that puppy mill where she had lived for the first 5 years of her life.

Saturday was a really good day.
I have now received a couple of photos of the day. Note Stanley's new wagon (Heidi's blanket is on his canopy)

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Three Dogs Long said...

Whohoo!! Congratulations - what a pawsome event!!! Great pics, too!

((hugs)) your friends,
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena