Sunday, May 10, 2009

The best Mother's Day Present from Heidi

I received the best present in the world from Heidi today.

I was sitting with my morning coffee, watching the weather channel and not paying much attention to the dogs. The boys were doing "zoomies" around the living room/dining room, and then had a little tussle together. I glanced over to watch them wrestling when I realized that I could still hear little feet doing zoomies. I looked over to see Heidi rounding the dining room table, coming as hard as she could with her "bunny hop".

Heidi doing the bunny hop is not new, but Heidi playing with the boys is HUGE !!!

Before now, the best she had done was to watch them doing zoomies and sit at the narrowest point in their race track, to pounce on them. I was thrilled that she was engaging in play that much. To have her join in the "festivities" is just awesome. She also joined in the wrestling match with the boys. Poor Valentin, Pogo "chewing" on his hind leg and Heidi attacking a front paw. (all noise, no teeth). Of course, my camera was nowhere at hand to capture our "Kodac moment" :-( .

We are guessing her age to be between 10 and 12, so for her to start playing is such a wonderful gift. She must be feeling pretty good to want to play after almost 3 years of living with us. I would say that this break through is a result of the combination of chiropractic and acupuncture treatments combined with her supplements (primarily Ester-C and Sasha's Blend).

(Zoomies - for those unfamiliar with the term, it is when doxies get a build up of energy and can only release it by madly running in huge circles, until they burn out. It is actually where my screen name, Maddoxies, came from. I had golden retrievers before Valentin. When Valentin came to us and started the "zoomies", I would IM my golden friend that we had a "mad dachshund alert". Hence, Maddoxies)


Three Dogs Long said...

What a pawsome gift!! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

(((hugs)) from
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

PamK said...

That is the best present in the world - truly priceless!

Noelle said...

It's so much fun to watch "zoomies". I have used the term to describe the manic racing around and face rubbing that follows a bath....we call them the bath zoomies.

But, it is good to have a name for the general crazy running! It sounds like a herd of great danes when I hear them running upstairs and I'm downstairs. ALWAYS makes me smile and head upstairs to watch the fun.