Sunday, May 24, 2009

Enough already !!!

I had a meeting on Saturday morning and came home to find Valentin on the kitchen countertop AGAIN!!! I have pulled everything away from the cupboards that I think he may be using as a step ladder. This is the third time he has gotten up there.

One more time and he and Pogo will be spending their days in the basement when I am out.


SS56 said...

How high are the cubboards? Abby can clear a four foot fence, so a kitchen cabniet would not be a problem. Maybe a running leap and grabbing on with front paws and climbing up. Have you checked for marks where back feet would scrape? Abby was getting on the counters by jumping where the sink is and hooking her front paws over the edge. We had to get a sink cover and now she can not catch on to anything.

Maddoxies said...

No scratch marks and he has never done this before.

I think I found the "step stool" he was using. (Yes came home from work tonight to find him stranded on the counter again)

If removing the last possible item does not work, they are off to the basement for workdays.

(basement is insulated, has a stero, carpet, toys, lots of room to romp and play)

Poppy said...

That is quite impressive that the little shorty can make it all the way up there. I have recently impressed and displeased my parents by jumping up onto the back of the couch. But the counter would be waaay to high for me! :)


SS56 said...

Abby's legs are short, but she stretchs her long body as far as she can. If she stands on her back legs, she is tall as my waist and my countertops are only a bit higher. They were scaled down to make them accessable to me (Have I told you that I am only 4'10")

SS56 said...

So, what was he using as a stool?
At least he had the sense not to jump down and hurt himself. What is up there that he is so interested in? Must be something up there that he goes to such heights to be up there. Abby went on mine to see out the window, so now have moved a bookcase (it was in front of the window) in the living room so she has a window to look out of.

Maddoxies said...

There was a metal can with a lid in the kitchen. It was one of those gift with purchase type cans from a dog food company. I thought I had left it far enough away from the cupboards (which are standard height). He could have done a "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" from the top of the can to the counter top. Yes, thank goodness he did not try to jump down (someone did one day though). He has been pretty stressed when I have found him stranded up there.

The attraction? Certainly, he raids the grocery bag that I use for garbage. I have taken to hanging the bag from the door handle of an upper cupboard to keep it out of his reach. Most likely he was looking for any remnants of Stanley's hamburger (lick the bowl).

Pogo is my jumper, but he can only jump up and down in place, He does not get any forward motion. He can jump straight up and look me in the eye. My future back surgery boy :-( I replaced my 3 foot exercise pens with 4 foot ones, just for Pogo.