Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More Stanley photos

Now that Stanley is not coming to work with me, he spends his day with the others in the kitchen. He is in the expen so that the others won't pester him and so that he doesn't spread poop all over the kitchen. Poor little guy just can't get his tummy to settle down, still battling the diarrhea

Blessedly, Stanley does not mind a bath. He gets one every night, to try to keep his skin clean and help to heal his urine burns.

Here is Stanley's portable bed. It is so much easier to move him from room to room and take him to the vet this way. I wrap his blankies in a pee pad to help keep him dry. If you click on the photo to enlarge it, you can see Valentin in the left corner, checking out Stanley's "digs". Since this photo, I have "upgraded" Stanley's bed by putting a nice soft blankie over the pee pad to rest his head on at night.

Stanley says "good night now, it's my bed time".


Noelle said...

What a sweet senior soul Bless you for rescuing him. You truly saved his life. I just dont understand how people can treat their pets as disposable...especially after 13 years!!!!!

I love that old face. He looks like Gracie!

Maddoxies said...

Ah yes, your Gracie. Stanley's tail does a little wag when Heidi comes around. Too bad we are so far away from each other, I think Stanley would have a crush on Gracie. I can just picture the two frosty seniors napping together in the sun :-)