Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pogo's turn

Pogo's turn at the vet this weekend.

He was fine when I got home from work at 10pm Friday, but by bedtime, his bottom right eye lid was swollen with a huge abcess. Cue mom's heart attack!!

After my initial shock, I took stock of the situation. It did not seem to be bothering him, nothing was bleeding, he seemed otherwise fine; so cancel the dash to the ER. It is $250 to walk in the door and see a vet who does not know Pogo - and may not know much about dapple dachshunds either. My extra concern was that this is his "dapple" eye.

We saw our own vet the next morning. Dr. B is not sure what caused the abcess; we could not find a scratch, a bite mark nor a foreign object in the eye lid or bottom socket. Dr. B. flushed the eye well and gave us BNPH ointment for the eye.

Pogo is my study in constant motion; getting him to sit still enough for eye ointment is quite the challenge. We will have to work on his "stay" commands. I must admit, having is "brother" trying to see what is going on and why Pogo is getting the attention does not help matters any. I am sure I got some of the ointment on Valentin's nose somewhere along the way, lol.

I am happy to say that the swelling is going down considerably and we have a recall appointment for tomorrow.

Mom's heart, on the other hand, is almost back to a normal beat as well.


PamK said...

Yikes Margaret - glad he was okay! Man, never a dull moment is there..

Three Dogs Long said...

Phew! We are so glad he is going to be okay!
Mom - on the other - might take a bit longer to recover! lol!

(((hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena