Thursday, May 14, 2009

Pogo is well named

Pogo is well named (it is the name he came with). The other possible name would be Jumpin' Jack Flash!

I went home at lunch today to care for Stanley and what greeted my eyes when I walked into the kitchen??? Garbage everywhere!!!

Pogo had gotten up on the kitchen counter top. YES, you read that right. A little short-*ssed dachshund, with 3 inch front legs somehow got himself up onto the kitchen counter top. The garbage bag that was hanging from the upper cabinet handle was in shreds. A full can of dog food had been knocked off the counter into Stanley's pen. Thank goodness it did not hit him on the head! A cookbook loaned to me by a co-worker was on the floor but not chewed. We won't talk about the rest of the eeeewww that scattered from h*ll to breakfast, nor the last 3 tea biscuits that no longer exist.

I know that Pogo is guilty party as he had the handle of a plastic grocery bag around his neck. Valentin is a garbage picker too, but he limits himself to what he can reach on his hind legs. Don't forget that Pogo has 3 loaves of bread to his "credit" (from the kitchen counter top).

The guilty party is now contemplating his sins in a crate in the middle of the kitchen floor for the afternoon. I am not taking bets that he will be inside the crate when I get home.

I really don't want to ex-pen them in the basement during the work day, but I am hard pressed to come up with another solution. I don't want to crate him on an ongoing basis, because if I can't get home at lunch for any reason, he will have to go 8 hours without access to pee pads or water.

Oh yeah, I got a locking garbage can. I came home to find the bag shredded in the middle of the kitchen floor and the can still locked !!!

Maybe his new name should be Pogo-stick-Jumpin'-Jack-Houdini.


Noelle said...

Can you keep your trash can in a cabinet under the counter? That's where we keep ours. Little Thing is our trash-can-tipper-over-spreader-arounder. My biggest fear is her getting into the bathroom trash and finding "female" trash. We have a septic tank at our house and cant flush anything that floats. Poor Bob always knows when it is "that time" around here, because the bathroom trash will be sitting on the counter by the sink. I'll hear him say, " seems like you JUST had it...." Oh, poor him.

Maddoxies said...

It is an older home/kitchen, not really any space there.

I tried under the sink in my other home, and guess who can open cupboard doors? Valentin. He is quite handy with his nose.

Picture this: I am single, over 50 and have to explain baby locks on my lower cabinet doors - my dog can open them, lol.

If I ever have the money to remodel the kitchen, I want one of those tip-out type cupboard doors for the garbage can.

I gave up on bathroom waste bin. It is a small enough house that what little bathroom garbage there is, can just be walked the 4 feet to the kitchen garbage.

**sigh** Why did I have to get TWO Rhodes Scholars of the doggie world, lol.

SS56 said...

Yes, just when we think we have something figured out, they show us that we do not know anything. They are good at figuring out how to get into things that we never thought they would. Maybe Pogo got a lift up on someones's back?