Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The "unoffical" start to summer

The Victoria Day weekend is the unoffical start to summer here. It was a very rare treat for me to have an entire day completely to myself!!! The malls were closed, so I did not have to work at my part time job, I had visited my mom at the nursing home the day before, there weren't any rescue transports or home visits to be done; a day all to myself !!!! It was like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one.

I slept in (until 8 am), and lounged over morning coffee. It was a bit cool, but a lovely, sunny day; so I opened all the curtains, rolled up the blinds and opened the inside front doors to let in all that sunshine and fresh air. While I was cleaning house and (finally) getting the last of my bedroom furniture built, the kids were doing one of the favourite dachshund things; lounging in the sun.

I thought I was lucky enough to manage a photo of the entire gang, having everyone looking at the camera at the same time was asking too much, lol.


Erin,Bubs,Tex and Ben said...

Aaah yesss such a dachshund thing! :D
How funny they were all out there

Maddoxies said...

The sunshine was a huge attraction and they were "strongly encouraged" to head out to the deck as well. I had the SpotBot and the vacuum going inside :-)

That door used to be a window. The first thing I did when I moved in last fall, was to have the window replaced by a door and the dog run installed.

FYI, the deck has a ramp to the dog run, no stairs here :-) Not only to conserve the healthy backs, but also so the wheelchair kids can use it too.