Monday, May 25, 2009

More Stanley news

I have been in contact with Stanley's past. Apparently, he is 15 or 16, than the 13 yrs old the shelter told me. I would not have guessed he is that old. It is a tribute to the care he has received with his family before me. I received a lovely email from Stanley's family. He was well loved with them, and I am glad to be able to provide them with some reassurance that I will cherish him as much as they have. I also have some more insights into his likes and dislikes.

Stanley was almost "lively" tonight. He has spent the entire evening outside his "room". He tracks where I go and he is starting, very tentatively, to engage Valentin and Pogo. They are the two most active ones, who are around Stanley the most. He and Heidi have been checking each other out as well. Foster Daisy Mae, well, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Our girl does like her power naps. With her heart murmur, who can blame her.

Stanley is now eating 100% kibble. I get a L@@K as if to say, "what happened to the good stuff?", but he slowly plods through his plain old kibble. It is so strange to have a dachshund take his time eating. Everyone else dives into their bowls.

I am making arrangements now to have Stanley measured for a cart. He is being sponsored by Wienerfest ( and the Rehab for Rescues program at the Canine Wellness Centre. So, very soon, Stanley will be much more mobile. We will be able to run our own cart division wienerdog races pretty soon (If we can wake up Miss Daisy Mae that is)

Surf's Up !!!

I came home tonight to find Valenin on the kitchen counter yet again. I know that I said "one more time and to the basement", but I think I found his "step stool". There is a covered canister about knee height in the kitchen. I thought it was pulled far enough away from the counter, but Valentin might have done a "Rocky the Flying Squirrel" from it to the counter. I have taken the covered can away completely; so, one more chance, but only one.


Three Dogs Long said...

Aww, Stnaley is precious! Hoping I will get to meet him in June!

((Hugs)) your friends
Oskar, Schatzi & Xena

Maddoxies said...

Stanley, Heidi and Daisy Mae are coming to Wienerfest.

Valentin does not do well with strangers and crowds, so he and Pogo will go to "camp" for that weekend. Besides, there is no way I can wrangle 5 of them (3 handicapped) and run the HHP booth.